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Useful information about the trade fair design

Our trade fair design lasts from the beginning to the end, i.e. from the conception on paper to the finished trade fair stand. The drafting of a stand commences with the conception. During this phase, we take care to ensure that the structure does not become an end in itself. Every element used must fulfil the purpose of achieving your trade fair objectives. When it comes to trade fair design, it is particularly important that all objects are consciously perceived by visitors. With regard to the impact of the individual objects, we also place particular emphasis on detailed work, as particularly striking elements should have an impact beyond the trade fair stand and potential customers should be attracted from afar.

A trade fair design as communication in space must generate emotions. This results in the creation of unique brand encounters that will be remembered. Although your customers also remember pictures and texts, the recall value can be increased exponentially through the targeted staging of objects and interactive presentation of the messages to be conveyed. Whether you are selling products or services, anyone who wants to be remembered by his or her target group needs to offer something extra. Campaigns in which trade fair visitors can try, understand or test something promote mental attachment to a real or virtual exhibit.

And it is precisely here that our trade fair design comes in, as we want the practical and communicative aspect to form a genuine symbiosis for your trade fair stand. It is not the functional requirements or the system's character that need to be at the foreground, but instead your marketing goals should be paramount.

Put your faith in the experts in trade fair construction, trade fair design and trade fair stands, and we will create the stand that will ensure your trade fair is a success.

The trade fair has a prominent role to play in the marketing mix.

There are three good reasons for this:

The customer approaches you – he or she is interested.

The customer has the opportunity to “take a look” at your product.

There is no more direct contact with customers than face-to-face.

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